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Tour the Golan Heights:
Israel's Historic High Ground

History, faith and beautiful scenery - in short, everything you love about Israel - are at the heart of your Golan Heights experience.

When it was called Bashan (Josh. 21:27), Moses allotted this strategic volcanic plateau east of the Jordan River to the biblical half-tribe of Manassah. Early Christians built a church in its foothills, in the "region of the Gersenes" (Mark 5:1-13) where Jesus healed the demoniac. At Bethsaida, home to Philip, Peter and Andrew (John 1:44), Jesus healed a blind man (Mark 8:22). Ancient synagogues abound in the Golan, among them Gamla, where the Jews fought the Romans and Katzrin, with a reconstructed ancient village and a modern town whose friendly folk will make you feel right at home.

Ancient synagogues abound in the Golan, among them ...Katzrin, with a reconstructed ancient village
If you love the outdoors you'll also feel at home in the Golan. Its dark, fertile soil produces grapes, apples, cherries, berries and more. Its meadows and grazing lands are a colorful carpet of springtime flowers, while hiking trails lead to thundering waterfalls. Watching over it is 7,000-foot-high Mount Hermon. It's when you stand in the shadow of that majestic mountain on the Golan's eastern boundary with Syria that you can truly feel the significance of the Golan Heights for Israel.

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